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Give your server a short, simple, easy-to-remember name

Protect against unwanted, random IP changes

Who wants a complicated server IP like when you can have a server IP like! allows you to change your server address into a short, simple, easy-to-remember name.

The best part? It's completely free!

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Give your server a name

Using, you can give your server it's own, custom IP. Instead of needing to tell players to type in "" to connect to your server, you can tell them a short and sweet custom IP like!

If you're tired of writing down your IP so that you can remember it, is for you!

Easy to use

Create your very own custom IP, and in just seconds, players will be able to connect using your new custom IP!

Always online

Normally, when you use a service to give your server a custom name IP, your server will go down if your original IP changes! Most big server hosts guarantee that your IP won't change, but for others (including home hosting), IP changes are a real issue. They can happen for a range of reasons, including temporary power outages, and can sometimes happen at random!

Using the plugin, you can easily auto-update your custom IP, so that even if your computer's IP changes, players will still be able to connect to your server with your custom IP

Say your server's IP starts out as Here's what it looks like:

  1. You give your server the custom IP ( now maps to
  2. Players connect with
  3. Your server's IP CHANGES to because of a power outage
  4. the plugin AUTOMATICALLY re-maps your custom IP to the new IP
  5. Players can still connect with

Without, this is what would happen:
  1. Players connect with
  2. Your server's IP CHANGES to because of a power outage
  3. Players try to connect with, but are kicked from the server because your IP changed!
  4. You'll lose players until you update everywhere that you have your server IP listed!

The speed of Amazon's routing service is hosted by Amazon, so you can be rest-assured that your players will be routed to your server with the blazing speed of Amazon!

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